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You can even use any video as the background for your slide. Couple months ago I post a workflow for creating animated character or character based, completely out of still images. That video was so popular that I made a second tutorial on a similar topic. In this tutorial I explain how to put the video in the background of your presentation. Not only for slides but as an extra layer in your presentation. Creating Presentation Slides with Video on the Background The concept of this tutorial is the same as the animation tutorial. I will use some photos, combine them, and video them to make a slide that “looks like an actor”. Step 1: Load the photo Click “Insert” > “Image” > “From Files” Select a photo. Or use the provided picture: Step 2: Insert Video on the background of your image Click “Insert” > “Media” > “Video” Select your video. Click the “Show video properties” button, and select your video codec. Step 3: Layer With your photo and video loaded, you can now drag the video behind the photo. You can either drag the video as it was originally, or select the video layer and use the “Transform” tool to scale and move the video. In the example I am dragging the video just as it was. Step 4: Adding the video to the animation Add a new animation with “Object” > “Animation” > “Storyboard” Select the “Storyboard”. Add a new clip to your animation. In the “Storyboard Settings”, right-click the clip and select “Add to library”. Select the “Embed in” item in the “Storyboard Settings” Select the “Movie File” Now your video will be the background of your animation. Step 5: Add Action Add a new Action to the clip. Right click and select “Add Action” Choose the “Play” action. Step 6: Add Audio If you want to add an audio track to the video, use the “Insert” > “Audio” > “Music Track”




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