Its almost time for spring maintenance!

The days are warming and time to start prepping your landscape is fast approaching. Getting an early jump on your maintenance not only helps set your yard up on the right foot to thrive in the coming seasons but it will also make it the envy of the neighborhood. Below are some useful maintenance tips to get your yard looking good.


Wash and clear off any leftover leaves and stains from your patios and decks. When cleaning patios, a brush and hose should be enough. Avoid power washing as that can compromise the pavers. For hard to remove stains there are commercial cleaners available. Be sure to inspect hardscaping and foundation for any potential freeze thaw cracking and damage. Be sure to schedule any needed repairs, especially if there are signs of cracks in foundation and bricks.


Inspect irrigation lines for any leaks. Leaks left unchecked can cause over watering that may harm some grasses and woody material and not provide enough water to other planting beds. Additionally, wasted water only means wasted hard earned money. If wasting water may be a concern a Landscape Architect can help provide a list of drought tolerant plant material well adapted to their native growing regions.


Mulch planting beds and apply slow release fertilizer to assist in moisture retention and root growth promotion. Mulching also helps inhibit weeds that can steal valuable nutrients from growing plants.


Prune branches away from trees and shrubs from walls and windows. Pruning branches before they begin to bud out will help promote healthy branching and ensure you are not cutting off this year’s new growth. Pruning unwanted branches during the growing will cause unnecessary stress that could promote disease and attract unwanted insects such as termites. Enough stress and it could potentially lead to the tree’s death.


Start planting trees, ornamentals, shrubs and other smaller plant material. Establishing plants before the growing season helps reduce stress when new roots begin their search some much needed nutrients. Be sure to reach out to a professional designer or Landscape Architect to get the proper selection of plants and their placement in order to achieve the best results.

Most importantly, be sure to get a good stretch in and warm up. Maintaining your yard can be hard work but taking these smaller well-timed steps will pay off when your yard is thriving above the rest.

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