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What is the Green Guide?

This is a supplemental guide for better understanding your Design Plan. It contains definitions, instructions, and construction drawings on how to manage, construct, and maintain your landscape. We have broken the Guide into the sections below, and we will continually add content to this guide:

0.0 Glossary

1.0 Site Preparation

1.1 Proper Work Environment

1.2 Project Management

1.3 Storage and Handling of Materials

1.4 Digging Around Utilities

1.5 Flagging Existing Trees and Shrubs

1.6 Drain Pipe

1.7 Site Cleanup

2.0 Materials

2.1 Existing Soil

2.2 Imported Soil

2.3 Compost

2.4 Course Sand

2.5 Planting Soil

2.6 Wood Mulch

3.0 Soil Preparation

3.1 Soil Removed, Stockpiled, and Spread

3.2 Tilling

3.3 Radial Trenching

3.4 Ripping and Fracturing

3.4 Low Organic Matter

3.6 Soil in the Root Zone of Established Trees

4.0 Existing Plants

4.1 Existing Tree Removal

4.2 Existing Tree Protection Area

4.3 Existing Tree Pruning

5.0 Plant Beds

5.1 Plant Bed Preparation (Before Planting)

5.2 Plant Bed Planting (During Planting)

5.3 Plant Bed Finishing (After Planting)

5.4 Pruning New Trees and Shrubs

5.5 Staking and Guying

5.6 First Growing Season Procedures

6.0 Planting

6.1 General Plant Selection

6.2 Balled and Burlapped Plants

6.3 Spade Harvested and Transplanted

6.4 Container Plants

6.5 Groundcover, Perennial, and Annual Plants

6.6 Fabric Container Plants

6.7 Bare Root Plants

6.8 Palms

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