My Design

When will I receive my design?

You will typically receive your design between 7-15 days of the scheduled start date, but may be slightly longer or shorter depending on the complexities of your particular project.

Is every design unique or do you use templates?

Every Landmarks Design project is unique and custom tailored to the client that we are working with. There may be consistencies among regional and environmental elements, but because every property and every client is unique, so is the design.

Will the design take into consideration environmental factors?

Landmarks Design considers a number of factors during the design process. Factors may include, but are not limited to regional context, climate, vegetation, and topography.

Landmarks Design will make our best effort to take as much existing information into account when producing our designs. We are limited to the information we can find publicly and provided to us by the client. There are usually features on a project site that are not included in the information we receive, and therefore will not be reflected on the plan.

If I purchase more than one design, will they each be unique?

If you decide that you want additional concepts, you can purchase an additional design for 10% off of the origional price. We will design each concept from scratch, and make it as unique from the other as you would like. For example, you may you want one design concept to show an outdoor kitchen and pool, and other to show a patio and garden area instead. Or, maybe you want two planting schemes.

Can I update my vision for the project?

Your vision for the design will be conveyed to us during the Design Consultation. Any major changes requested during or after the design process has begun are considered by us to be a second design concept, and would therefore need to be purchased in order for us to provide said design change. Landmarks Design will correct any errors and ommissions on our part that may be found at the end of the design process. The client has 90 days to make Landmarks Design aware of any errors and ommissions found on the plan. Once your Design Plan is complete, we cannot make wholesale changes to the design due to the effort and time involved. Wholesale changes are considered by us to be a second design concept that would need to be purchased as such. In some cases however, we may be able to make small adjustments or revisions. This will be determined on a case by case basis and based on our discretion.

Are the existing site elements incorporated into the design?

Yes, we will incorporate existing elements into the design. For example, you may have a pool or patio that you are keeping and you want to incorporate new plantings and a gazebo around it. We differentiate existing elements from proposed on the Desigh Plan. You (the client) would need to provide us with information on existing site elements. We will do what we can to use photographs, online resources, or publicly available information to create a base, which usually doesn't include much other than property lines and existing building footprints. Other existing site elements include buildings, trees, hardscape, utilities, and amenities such as a pool. Keep in mind that no plan will be 100% accurate, but the more information you can provide on existing site elements, the more accurate your plan will be. Information may be in the form of pictures, sketches, dimensions, etc.

What types of sites do you design?

Landmarks Design typically designs residential properties of any size, located within the United States. We can also design commercial properties and HOA parcels. We consider the many environmental elements that factor into the design of your specific site, not limited to topography, climate, existing vegetation, and local culture.

Our Detailed Design Plans are priced per size and scope of each project:

Simple: 0-500 Square Feet of design area, Starts at $295

Detailed: Pick Front or Back Yard, Starts at $595 (plus $100 for 3D rendering)

Complete: Entire Yard or larger space, Starts at $995

Will I be able to speak to my designer?

The Design Consultation service comes with each Design Plan. During the Design Consultation, which may be in-person or over the phone or internet, you and a designer will discuss your project in more detail before the design begins. During the design process, you may also communicate via e-mail, phone, or online. Please visit for our contact information.

Do you provide a 3d model or rendering of my design?

Yes! You will receive a 3D photorealistic rendering for our Complete Design package and can pay an additional fee if you would like a 3D rendering for your Detailed Design package. We highly recommend this service for customers with many landscape elements so they can realistically understand how it will feel to move through the space.

Why do I need a design?

A professional landscape plan provides: - A holistic vision for your future outdoor space - The ability to intall in phases - A quality design that will add value to your property - The opportunity to work with skilled landscape architects and designers - A guide for how to maintain your new space - A free design if you decide to install with us!

About Us

What is Landmarks Design?

Landmarks Design launched in 2019 as a means to provide exceptional landscape design and landscape installation contract work that was easily accessible to homeowners in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia metropolitan area. We take the time to help our clients really understand their landscape and how it currently functions in order to come up with creative solutions to achieve every client's unique goals.

Who can use Landmarks Design?

Anyone may purchase a Design Plan and use our services in a variety of ways.

  1. Homeowners Who Hire Contractors - Most homeowners will hire a contractor to install their landscape. A lot of times, contractor's won't supply the client with a plan, or if they do it will be more of a loose sketch that makes it hard for the client to visualize and understand. By choosing a Design Plan from Landmarks Design, you will be a part of the design process and you will receive a clear plan that you can use to discuss with your contractor about how to properly implement your vision.
  2. Contractors who Need a Plan - Many contractors or design-build services may not have the time, knowlege, or resources necessary to prepare a plan for a client they are serving. Landmarks Design would be happy to prepare a plan for your next construction project.
  3. DIY Homeowners - Many do-it-yourself homeowners wish to work on their own landscape, but they need design guidance and a blueprint to work off of. We combat the headache of figuring out how many plants, which type, where the walkways and patio are going, etc.

Can I give Landmarks Design to someone as a gift?

We are currently working on making gift cards available for purchase on our website. In the meantime, please contact us:

What makes Landmarks Design Unique?

Landmarks Design is the most efficient way of getting a customized landscape design for your property. We realized how difficult it was to find a good contractor that could create a great design as well as perform all the various types of construction required for the project. At Landmarks Design, we create a professional design and then connect you to all the contractors needed to implement the design.

Consultation / Site Analysis

Can I send you information instead of having you come to my home?

Yes! In order to start a design we need some basic information, although the more information about your design area that you can provide, the more accuriate of a base we can create to depict what is currently on the site and what you envision. Most of the information may be submitted via email. You will also receive a Design Consultation and may coordinate with your designer via email throughout the design process. Information that helps us form an image of the design area includes, but may not be limited to:

  1. Photographs or Video
  2. Surveys, Plats, Plans, or Floor Plans you may have
  3. Your Preferences and Ideas for the space.
  4. Existing Landscape and Hardscape
  5. Inspiration Images (i.e. pinterest, photos of exisiting spaces, or other online sources)

Do I need to submit a plan or survey of my property?

The short answer is no-although it is preferred.

Plans and surveys are very useful for us to create an accurate base plan we use to design. A base plan is a plan that shows what is currently existing on the site. The more information you are able to provide, the more accurate of a base plan we can create.

If you are unable to provide a plan or survey of your property, we will try to pull together a variety of public information to create a base plan for your site. However, there is no guarentee that this information will be available in your jurisdiction.

If you are unable to provide a plan or survey, and there is not enough public information available for your jurisdiction, you may consider printing a map from Google and drawing over it with the property line and the outline of the house. Then measure your property mark dimensions of both the property and the house on the map. This may be a last resort if it is all you can provide.

Keep in mind, the plan will not reflect what is existing with 100% accuracy, so the more information we have about your site, the more accurate of a base plan we have to work with.

How do you create a base plan of my site?

Landmarks Design uses a variety of means to put together and digitize into a Base Plan. Client submitted plans and surveys are the best source of information, however photos and sketches also help.

Landmarks Design may also pull from public sources if they are available for your specific site. These sources include aerial imagery, plats, plans, and GIS data.

What should I expect during a consultation?

After your consulation is scheduled, a professional from Landmarks Design will come to your home and perform the following functions: - Assess your needs - Perform a site analysis - Take Measurements - Photograph your site - Ask you about your style - Review any inspirations images you have

What safety precautions are you implementing during COVID-19?

We will conduct all meetings with clients either outside, primarily during the consultation, or via phone or zoom meeting. There is generally no reason why we would need to come inside your home. All outdoor meetings will be conducted with face coverings.


What if I want to make changes to my design?

At Landmarks Design, we provide our clients with many opportunities to convey ideas and provide us with the information necessary for us to complete a design. After the Draft Design is complete, we conduct a meeting with the client to receive feedback on the design in order to implement changes for the Final Design. Rest assured that any changes after the Final Design can be discussed during the installation process.

Are the Designs to be used for construction?

The plans are used to communicate the design to the landscape contractor. Your final designs will include approximate dimensions, planting layout, specific plant name and basic materials callouts, but many design decisions and materials selections will be made in the field with the assistance of your contractor. It is ultimitely the responsibility of the client and the contractor to make sure local laws are observed prior to the execution of any construction project.

Do I have to use a Landmarks Contractor to install my design?

Of course not! You are free to hire any contractor you would like. Keep in mind, when you use one of our contractors, you will receive a rebate for the design fee!


Will I own the final design?

Yes you will own the Final Design, but your design may be used by Landmarks Design in marketing and promotional material, or featured on our website. All personal information shown on the plan, such as name and address, will be censored.

How will my privacy be protected when using my project for marketing purposes?

Your design may be used in marketing and promotional material, or featured on our website. All personal information shown on the plan, such as name and address, will be censored.

Frequently Asked Questions